Becoming an ERMEP Preceptor

ERMEP work with the Ontario Universities and is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. We place third and fourth year medical students in their Core, Elective, Specialty Core, or Specialty Elective placements. ERMEP funds preceptor stipends [$250 per week] plus organize and pay for the student’s accommodations and mileage. 

According to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Guidelines all placements must be a minimum of four consecutive weeks to a maximum of twelve consecutive weeks.  Historically the longest placement to date has been six weeks.

If a student contacts your office for a placement for a minimum of four consecutive weeks kindly direct the student to the ERMEP Office.  ERMEP will guide the student to apply on-line and ERMEP will contact you to see if you are available to teach for this timeframe.  This way everyone will be funded.

Any preceptors who are interested in teaching students are encouraged to fill in the following forms and send to our office: 

Teaching Application; Practice Profile; and a copy of the Consent Form (download). 

Please also fill in the Availability Form. This form is to give the ERMEP office an idea of when you are available and not available to teach.  Please note that this does not mean you are committed to teach for the times you have stated you are available to teach.  When a student applies with ERMEP and they are looking for a placement in your community and/or ask for you to teach them, ERMEP will then contact your office to see if you are still available and/or would like to teach for the student’s requested timeframe.

You are encouraged to have your CCFP and/or FRCSC but it is not mandatory to have either.

For your review, the link to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Guidelines [CPSO] is

After the student’s placement you will be required to fill in a University Student Evaluation Form from the student’s perspective university which will be supplied to you by the students unless you are teaching for Week in the Country and the evaluation form can be found here

You will be sent your stipend via cheque in the postal mail.

Please note: ERMEP requires your Social Insurance Number or your Corporation Name and Number for income tax purposes.

You are welcome to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.