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Clarence-Rockland... a quiet, picturesque city nestled on the shores of the historic Ottawa River, an important waterway for early explorers, fur traders and missionaries.

With its humble beginnings as a lumber town almost 140 years ago, Clarence-Rockland has matured into a beautiful city of a little over 20,000 people.  Situated just 32 kilometers east of Parliament Hill and about 170 kilometers west of Montreal, the area offers both the quiet of the countryside and the urban offerings of a big city.

Along with a healthy distribution of nature's splendor there is also plenty of things to keep urbanites busy.  We are a fully bilingual community with a full range of churches, schools and sports facilities which offer endless choices for those who've grown accustomed to essential amenities.  We have an amazing golf course, many cultural festivals and work will start soon on the building of our sports and cultural complex, a project in partnership with the YMCA.
Clarence-Rockland provides an environment that caters to young and old and offers the serenity of the countryside but the convenience of the city.

As is the reality in many rural Ontario areas, the City of Clarence-Rockland is experiencing a shortage of family doctors. The unfortunate families without a family doctor need to go to the closest emergency clinic, located in Orleans, 20 minutes away.  There are plans for two new clinics to be built in the City so it would be an amazing opportunity for any doctor that would decide to relocate in our community.

Core and Elective placements available: 

Family Medicine


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