Frequently Asked Questions

Placement must be a minimum of four consecutive weeks.

The place of accommodations invoices ERMEP directly.  If the learner stays in a hotel setting, or a place not previously set up by ERMEP the learner may have to pay up front and ERMEP will reimburse the learner according to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Guidelines.

Please note:  we ask that learners do not organize their own placement. The learner is to follow proper protocol. This is considered as unprofessional and will be reported to their university.

Yes, ERMEP will work to put learners in their preferred communities. We cannot guarantee they will be placed in that community.  It all depends on the availability of the preceptor[s].

When a privately owned vehicle is used for transportation to and from the placement, learners are compensated $50/week.  


Yes, there is a list of communities to choose from.

The length of time it takes to place the learner varies.  It depends on the time of year, [for example holiday times], which community the learner would like to be placed in, and what specialty the learner chooses. [for example, FM, OBS, ER, etc]. ERMEP works to have the learner placed two to three months prior to their placement starting date.